Design and Construction

Mount Evelyn Sport and Recreation Reserve

‘Dandenong Saw Mills’, D.R. Long, August 1857. Oil on canvas, 66 x 104.5 cm, Rex Nan Kivell Collection NK11013, National Library of Australia.

Rose Series P. 2330 Recreation Reserve, Mt Evelyn, Vic.


Rose Series P. 3287 Sports Oval, Recreation Reserve, Mt. Evelyn, Vic.


Current images of Mt. Evelyn Sport and Recreation Reserve

Project Timeline

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Above LEFT: Looking South-West towards MESCH

Above RIGHT: Looking West towards MESCH from Telstra tower

LEFT: Site Context Plan, highlighting the new sports pavillion (orange) and existing buildings (purple)


Above LEFT: Foyer

Above RIGHT: Social Room looking towards foyer

LEFT: Social Room kitchen & fireplace feature

Below LEFT: Medal Wall located at lobby

Below RIGHT: Social Room floor plan

Below Bottom RIGHT & LEFT: Change Room floor plan

Top: Ground Level floor plan

Bottom: First Level floor plan